July 17th 2012

25. SOS hotline Niksic supported by the Oak Foundation realize project ”Institutional Support and Regranting” , the period from october 2012 to September 2014.

The project objectives are:

  • To provide comprehensive  service to women victims of violence - including operation of SOS Hotline , shelter for victims of violence, free legal assistance and psychological counselling;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of new acquired Law on domestic violence in Montenegro
  • To contribute  sustainability of  service   through setting up a shelter with the outright use of land donated by Municipality of Niksic    .

To achieve results in following 3 years period it is necessary:

  • to organize free legal assistance and representation before Court
  • to organize service for psychological counselling
  • to provide housing in urgent cases of violence
  • meetings with law enforcement subjects and influential persons
  • campaigning and media communication
  • building the Safety Center

Project is a part of Program for protection women against male violence


24. SOS Hotline Niksic in joint venture with Labour Office – Niksic and supported by the United Nations development Programme realized project ”Club for Women”, the period from November 2011 to July 2012. The main goal of the project is to increase level of social inclusion of vulnerable groups of women from Niksic . /0 disempowered women through process of strengthening and self-actualization will find way out from economic insecurity and inequality.

During the 9 months project ”Club for Women ” will organize following activities:

  • free legal counselling
  • motivation and career session
  • entrepreneurship trainings
  • series for gaining life skills
  • Majstorija workshop for creative development

SOS hotline expected results are: efficient legal protection of socially vulnerable women, increased competence, skills,possibilities for interaction with community leading to creating positive self attitude and positive self image

Project is a part of Socio-economic program for vulnerable group of women and children.


July 16th 2012

SOS hotline Niksic supported by the Urgent Fund for Human Rights provided help in security equipment improving quality, security,work conditions in SOS hotline activists., the period from October-December 2011. By the virtue of Urgent Fund for Human Rights ,SOS hotline Niksic obtained conditions to safe work of activists of women human rights  providing:

  • Security alarm
  • Blinds for windows
  • inter phone
  • Blind door
  • CCTV


22. SOS Hotline Niksic supported by the Fund for Active Citizenship carried out project ” The action for socio-economic inclusion of women”, the period from January 11th ,2011 to January 11th, 2012.  The main project goal is to contribute efforts in Montenegro in order to promote democracy reforms and transitions carried out in actions reducing socio-economic divisions and diversities.

Specific project goals :

  • to increase level of social inclusion by strengthening the minority groups in finding way out from socio-economic insecurity and inequality through establishing socio-economic service
  • to assist in employment issues of women at risk of social exclusion in Niksic by providing free licenced training.
  • to enforce the social community partnership among relevant partners through socio-economic empowerment of women by dissemination of knowledge, information and networking for socio-economic support .

During the annual work in achieving project objectives SOS hotline carried out following activities:

  • Promoting Crisis center and its services
  • Lobbying key actors and stakeholders in local community for establishing social partnership
  • Motivation dialogue session for active participation in socio-economic empowerment of women
  • Organizing licensed school  informal program for elementary literacy, crafts work, courses, computers, foreign languages, trainers for agency officials.
  • Training in efficient social cooperative  managing
  • Organizing events ”Informative days”

Project is a part of Socio-economic program for vulnerable group of women and children.


SOS Hotline Niksic in collaboration with Kvinna till Kvinna realized project entitled ” Program for Creative Distribution of ICT against VAW-Regional Perspective”.The main goal of the project is to reduce violence against women.

Project objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge about the possibilities of use of modern  ICT for bypassing impediments  in protection of women survivors of violence.
  • To increase level of knowledge about possibilities of use ICT WNGOs in protection of women survivors of violence
  • To  improve  knowledge of activists from Montenegro working with the women survivors of violence through on-line training

To achieve such results SOS Hotline will regulate following activities:

  • Collecting on-line information about possibilities of the efficient use of ICT for bypassing impediments in protection of women against violence
  • Researching capacities and resources about possibilities ICT WNGO use dealing with the issues of protection of women survivors of violence
  • On-line pilot training for  WNGO activists in Montenegro

This project is a part of Program for Protection Women Against Violence.