(MNE) Studija tržišne potražnje za proizvodima od recikliranog tekstila

March 4th 2015

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Study on Family Violence and Violence Against Women in Montenegro

March 3rd 2015

Research on Inclusion of Roma Children in the Educational System

May 20th 2010

The research on inclusion of Roma Children in the educational system was undertaken in the period December 2005-January 2006. The aim of the research was to learn the current condition on inclusion of Roma children in educational system of Montengro. All Roma parents (415) from four cities and towns – Podgorica, Niksic, Berance and Rozaje, who have children aged 6-14, were encompassed by this research. As 70% of entire Roma population in Montenegro live in these four cities and towns, the results of the research may be considered to be relevant for entire Montenegro. The research was undertaken with the financial help of the UNICEF office in Montenegro. Local partners were NGO Center for Roma Inititives-Niksic, Enfants-Rozaje and Assocaition of Roma and Kovach women ,,Women’s Heart” – Podgorica.

The position of Roma minority and Roma woman in community

SOS Hotline Niksic conducted the research, „The Position of Roma Minority and Roma Women in community’’ with the financial help of the Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna in 2006. We used the following methods in order to learn the status of Roma minority in Montenegro, particularly focusing on the position of Roma women: individual interviews, focus groups, internet polls and observation. For this research we interviewed 126 representatives of institutions, media, political parties, international and national organizations and NGOs, and representatives of both Roma and non-Roma population. The research was conducted on national and local level.

(MNE) Istrazivanje polozaja Romkinja u Niksicu

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