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August 13th 2010

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„Women need and deserve quality education“

August 9th 2010

SOS Niksic printed the leaflet „Women need and deserve quality education“ with financial support of Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna with goal to promote Training center for women education. Training center is established in 2009, when SOS Niksic became licensed organizer of adult education by decision UPI br.07-542 issued by the Ministry of education and science.

Training Center for Women’s Education

REA Women’s Network “FIRST”

Leaflet on non-formal REA Women’s Network

Leaflet is printed by CRI Niksic with the aim to promote non-formal REA Women’s Network “FIRST” which is formed in March 2009. Network is formed through project “Promotion of Roma women and monitoring the implementation of obligatory documents” which CRI implemented in partnership with SIOS Niksic and with financial support of Kvinna till Kvinna, in period January – December 2009.

Leaflet on non-formal REA Women’s Network

Parliament without women is Parliament with error. 50% no more or less!

May 20th 2010

Leaflet is a part of media campaign that requests for more women in political life of Montenegro. Campaign is jointly implemented by SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Niksic, Women Action, Stela and Montenegrin Women Lobby since March 2009, with support of foundation Kvinna till Kvinna. Leaflet is distributed to politic parties and women who are active in Montenegrin public life through direct contacts and meetings, and to the citizens with daily newspapers Vijesti.

Program for promotion of women’s rights in the villages of Niksic

The leaflet “Program for promotion of women’s rights in the villages of Niksic” was prepared within the project of the same name with the aim to raise the level of knowledge of social community regarding the life and experience of rural women. The leaflet indicates the poor socio-economic circumstances that rural women face; it also appeals the authorities to take concrete measures to enhance life of rural women. The printing of the leaflet was funded by the Dutch foundation CNF, through the BCIF office in Belgrade.